Photo Safari

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Are you a Photographer or Cameraman looking for a dedicated Photo Safari.
If so we can accommodate your requirements, whether alone or with friends/family.
Our vehicles were designed by photgraphers with photographers in mind, and offer an incredible range of virtually unobstructed shooting points.

Wimberly heads are available on custom mounts, giving an unlimited amount of shooting positions. bean bags for those that prefer this type of support.

We can offer Safari’s in any type of vehicle, however for photographers we suggest using one of our vehicles.

Specifically used for Photo Safaris, our 110 Landrover’s are setup with photographers in mind, and only seat 2 passengers in the rear. Rather than use a 7 seater car with no room to move, Safari in style, knowing you can stand, sit, stretch your legs (safari is hard work at times) and be comfortable. We find that 2 photographers is the ideal, allowing room and easy access for equipment for both photographers, and ensuring that not only is there more space, less people means less movement and a more stable platform.

Using one of our Landrovers will get you close to the action, with unobstructed view points, shoot low, high, front/back and sides, yet still be comfortable and protected from the elements.