Kenya is in East Africa and lies on the equator. The north of the country it is a dry arid landscape, in the west on the edge of lake Victoria it is lush, with patches of tropical rainforest still intact. Nairobi is based in the highlands, which sweep on up to Mount Kenya. East of Nairobi following the coast road you pass through Tsavo a dry bush country with once supported a surprisingly high population of elephant and rhino. Kenya also boasts a beautiful coast with pristine white sandy beaches and tropical reefs.

Kenya is bordered by Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. Nairobi is the epicentre of commerce for East Africa, with the UN headquarters for Africa based in there. Nairobi is the also the melting pot of Kenyan tribes and languages.

The Masai Mara, your destination, is in the south west of the country on the border with Tanzania. The Mara is famous for it’s abundance of wildlife, lion, elephant, cheetah, leopard, buffalo and the annual wildebeest migration to and from the Serengeti in Tanzania.